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Student Loans

Student loans 

Most studies lead to an improvement in skill and a broadening of perspective. By increasing your knowledge and exposure, you are likely to be able to operate more effectively in your present position, or to prepare yourself for a future position in your current or in another company. Education has a very high return on investment. If you had to choose to put money in the bank or to improve your skills, it is almost always more beneficial to invest in your own ability to make better money.

With a student loan from a bank, facilitated through our student loan partners (Student Hero), there is no reason for you not to life your best life and follow your dreams. You can also apply for an amount to cover the cost of your education and other equipment such as a laptop. The bank will design the student loan facility, keeping your interests in the foreground. This means that your repayments depend on the method of your studies as well as the rate of interest determined by the bank.


What you can expect

The advantage of a student loan is that you will only need to start repaying your loan upon completion of your studies. But of course, the terms and conditions of the bank would apply. A student and a sponsor (with a stable income) apply for a loan for the student, where the sponsor is required to pay the interest portion of the loan on a month-to-month basis while the student is studying. The loan amount sits in the student’s name, and the student is required to repay the loan through monthly installments after graduating.

You may be granted a grace period for capital repayments upon completion of your studies in case you haven’t found employment. This extension would be subject to the arrangement between you, your surety, and the bank at the time of taking the loan. 

Stellenbosch Graduate Institute partnered with Student Hero and various educational funding providers to help you learn about, apply or pre-qualify for the different options to fund tertiary education from a single platform and at zero cost to you. Click on the button below to start your student loan process.

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