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Directors Hour

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Upcoming Webinar

Geoff Rothschild and Teresita van Gaalen -

Building blocks of a well functioning board (also in time of crisis) 


Join us on Thursday, 21 May 2020 at 12h30 as we unpack some of the crucial factors and considerations in corporate South Africa with two seasoned board members who, between them, have more than 60 years’ experience in the boardrooms of various organisations in this country.



Janine Hills Webinar - 

Your reputation is your biggest asset 

Join us in listening to the wisdom of a seasoned, well-known and well-respected expert in the field of reputational management, Janine Hills.  15 years after founding Vuma Reputation Management in 2005, Janine, one of South Africa's foremost reputation management experts, said her last goodbye to Vuma to establish a new venture, Janine Hills Authentic Leadership. Her passion for integrity and trust in business relationships is the foundation upon which she launched Vuma Reputation Management in 2005.

Janine believes in being consistent, sincere, responsible, reliable, committed, clear and steady — and maintaining effective communication with all stakeholders at all levels, in good times and bad.  Her knowledge, skills and intricate understanding of reputation management across various sectors has brought her more than a dozen awards, nominations and honours over the past decade. 




Arnold SMit Webinar - 

NURTURING personal resilience in tough times


Arnold Smit is an associate professor of Business in Society at Stellenbosch Business School and Director of WisePraxis (Pty) Ltd. He facilitates dialogue and learning in the areas of values-driven leadership, corporate responsibility and director developments.  

Here is what Professor Arnold had to say about nurturing personal resilience in tough times: 




Mervyn King Webinar -



As the past chair of the King Committee on Corporate Governance, Prof Mervyn King of the Wits Business School needs no introduction.  He is an internationally acclaimed and recognised corporate governance guru who has held chairmanships of numerous corporate governance organisations, both in South Africa and across the globe.  With many years of relevant experience, there is no better person to talk to us today on how to fulfill our roles as ethical and effective leaders during this time of unprecedented crisis.  

With the global COVID-19 crisis locking down most of the world, it is time for leaders to stand up and join forces for a better tomorrow.





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